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       XmTextPosition  —  Data  type  for  a  character position within a text
       string "XmTextPosition" "data types" "XmTextPosition"


       #include <Xm/Xm.h>


       XmTextPosition is  an  integer  data  type  that  holds  a  character's
       position within a text string for Text and TextField.

       An  XmTextPosition  value  conceptually  points  to the gap between two
       characters.  For example,  consider  a  text  string  consisting  of  N
       characters.   A  value of 0 refers to the position immediately prior to
       the first character.  A value of 1 refers to the  position  in  between
       the  first  and second characters.  A value of N refers to the position
       immediately following the last character. Therefore, the text string of
       N characters actually contains N + 1 positions.




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