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       XmVaCreateArrowButtonGadget,   XmVaCreateManagedArrowButtonGadget  —  A
       ArrowButtonGadget    widget     convenience     creation     functions.
       "XmVaCreateArrowButtonGadget"      "XmVaCreateManagedArrowButtonGadget"
       "creation functions"


       #include <Xm/ArrowBG.h>

       Widget XmVaCreateArrowButtonGadget(
       Widget parent,
       String name,

       Widget XmVaCreateManagedArrowButtonGadget(
       Widget parent,
       String name,


       These functions create an instance of a  ArrowButtonGadget  widget  and
       returns  the  associated  widget  ID.   These  routines  use the ANSI C
       variable-length argument list (varargs) calling convention.

       The XmVaCreateArrowButtonGadget function is a convenience routine  that
       calls XtCreateWidget.

       The   XmVaCreateManagedArrowButtonGadget   function  is  a  convenience
       routine that calls XtCreateManagedWidget.

       parent    Specifies the parent widget ID.

       name      Specifies the name of the created widget.

       ...       Specifies the variable argument list to override the resource

       For  a  complete  definition  of  ArrowButtonGadget  and its associated
       resources, see XmArrowButtonGadget(3).


       Returns the ArrowButtonGadget widget ID.


       XmArrowButtonGadget(3),                   XmCreateArrowButtonGadget(3),
       XtCreateWidget(3), and XtCreateManagedWidget(3).


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