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       XpGetPageDimensions -  Gets the page dimensions for the current printer


             cc [ flag... ] file... -lXp [ library... ]
             #include <X11/extensions/Print.h>

       Status XpGetPageDimensions (  display,  print_context,  width,  height,
       reproducible_area )
             Display *display;
             XPContext print_context;
             unsigned short *width;
             unsigned short *height;
             XRectangle *reproducible_area;


              Specifies  a  pointer  to  the  Display structure; returned from

              A pre-existing print context.

       width  Returns the pixel width of the page currently  selected  in  the
              print context.

       height Returns  the  pixel height of the page currently selected in the
              print context.

              Returns the net reproducible area of the page currently selected
              in the print context, expressed in pixel offsets and dimensions.


       XpGetPageDimensions  considers  the  medium  currently  selected in the
       print context (derived in part from default-medium, default-input-tray,
       input-trays-medium,   content-orientation,   default-resolution),   and
       returns the total width and height of the page in pixels, and  the  net
       reproducible   area   within  the  total  width  and  height.  The  net
       reproducible area is the portion of the page on which  the  printer  is
       physically capable of placing ink.

       XpGetPageDimensions returns a Status of 0 on failure, or 1 on success.


       XPBadContext   A  valid  print  context-id  has  not  been set prior to
                      making this call.

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