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       al_get_allegro_version - Allegro 5 API


              #include <allegro5/allegro.h>

              uint32_t al_get_allegro_version(void)


       Returns  the  (compiled)  version of the Allegro library, packed into a
       single   integer   as    groups    of    8    bits    in    the    form
       (major << 24) | (minor << 16) | (revision << 8) | release.

       You can use code like this to extract them:

              uint32_t version = al_get_allegro_version();
              int major = version >> 24;
              int minor = (version >> 16) & 255;
              int revision = (version >> 8) & 255;
              int release = version & 255;

       The  release number is 0 for an unofficial version and 1 or greater for
       an official release.  For  example  "5.0.2[1]"  would  be  the  (first)
       official 5.0.2 release while "5.0.2[0]" would be a compile of a version
       from the "5.0.2" branch before the official release.

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