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       Interoperability with Intel Xeon Phi (MIC) -

       static inline int hwloc_intel_mic_get_device_cpuset (hwloc_topology_t
           topology , int idx , hwloc_cpuset_t set)
       static inline hwloc_obj_t hwloc_intel_mic_get_device_osdev_by_index
           (hwloc_topology_t topology, unsigned idx)

Detailed Description

       This interface offers ways to retrieve topology information about Intel
       Xeon Phi (MIC) devices.

Function Documentation

   static inline int hwloc_intel_mic_get_device_cpuset (hwloc_topology_t
       topology, int idx, hwloc_cpuset_tset) [static]
       Get the CPU set of logical processors that are physically close to MIC
       device whose index is idx. Return the CPU set describing the locality
       of the MIC device whose index is idx.

       Topology topology and device index idx must match the local machine.
       I/O devices detection is not needed in the topology.

       The function only returns the locality of the device. If more
       information about the device is needed, OS objects should be used
       instead, see hwloc_intel_mic_get_device_osdev_by_index().

       This function is currently only implemented in a meaningful way for
       Linux; other systems will simply get a full cpuset.

   static inline hwloc_obj_t hwloc_intel_mic_get_device_osdev_by_index
       (hwloc_topology_ttopology, unsignedidx) [static]
       Get the hwloc OS device object corresponding to the MIC device for the
       given index. Return the OS device object describing the MIC device
       whose index is idx. Return NULL if there is none.

       The topology topology does not necessarily have to match the current
       machine. For instance the topology may be an XML import of a remote
       host. I/O devices detection must be enabled in the topology.

           The corresponding PCI device object can be obtained by looking at
           the OS device parent object.


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Version 1.8                     SInteroperability with Intel Xeon Phi (MIC)(3)

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