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       iv_init, iv_deinit, iv_inited - initialise and deinitialise ivykis


       #include <iv.h>

       void iv_init(void);
       void iv_deinit(void);
       int iv_inited(void);


       iv_init initialises the current thread's ivykis event loop.

       Each thread that wants to use ivykis must call iv_init before any other
       ivykis functions are called.

       The very first call to iv_init in a  process  must  run  to  completion
       before  other threads are allowed to call iv_init, but subsequent calls
       to iv_init can be done concurrently.

       iv_deinit frees all resources allocated by ivykis in this  thread,  and
       should be called before this thread exits.

       iv_inited  returns  true  if  iv_init  has  been called in this thread.
       After iv_deinit is called, it will return false.


       ivykis(3), iv_examples(3)

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