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       ixp_errbuf, ixp_errstr, ixp_rerrstr, ixp_werrstr, ixp_vsnprint


       #include <ixp.h>

       char *ixp_errbuf(void);

       void ixp_errstr(char *buf, int nbuf);

       void ixp_rerrstr(char *buf, int nbuf);

       void ixp_werrstr(const char *fmt, ...);

       int      (*ixp_vsnprint)(char *buf, int nbuf, const char *fmt, va_list);


       buf    The buffer to read and/or fill.

       nbuf   The size of the buffer.

       fmt    A format string with which to write the errstr.

       ...    Arguments to fmt.


       These  functions  simulate Plan 9's errstr functionality.  They replace
       errno in libixp. Note that these functions are not internationalized.

       ixp_errbuf(3)  returns  the  errstr  buffer  for  the  current  thread.
       ixp_rerrstr(3)  fills buf with the data from the current thread's error
       buffer, while ixp_errstr(3) exchanges buf's contents with those of  the
       current  thread's error buffer. ixp_werrstr(3) formats the given format
       string, fmt, via ixp_vsnprint(3) and writes it to the error buffer.

       ixp_vsnprint(3) may  be  set  to  a  function  which  will  format  its
       arguments  write  the  result  to  the  nbuf  length buffer buf(3). The
       default value is vsnprintf(3). The  function  must  format  '%s'  as  a
       nul-terminated  string  and may not consume any arguments not indicated
       by a %-prefixed format specifier,  but  may  otherwise  behave  in  any
       manner chosen by the user.



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