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       mfont_put_prop - Put a property value to a font.


       int mfont_put_prop (MFont * font, MSymbol key, void * val)


       Put a property value to a font. The mfont_put_prop() function puts a
       font property whose key is key and value is val to font font.  key must
       be one of the following symbols:

       Mfoundry, Mfamily, Mweight, Mstyle, Mstretch, Madstyle, Mregistry,
       Msize, Mresolution.

       If key is Msize or Mresolution, val must be an integer. Otherwise, val
       must be a symbol of a property value name. But, if the name is 'nil', a
       symbol of name 'Nil' must be specified.


       Copyright (C) 2001 Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA)
       Copyright (C) 2001-2011 National Institute of Advanced Industrial
       Science and Technology (AIST)
       Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document
       under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License

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