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       odbx_unbind - Disconnects from the database


       #include <opendbx/api.h>

       int odbx_unbind (odbx_t* handle);


       Releases  the  binding  of  the  connection  to  the  database and user
       associated by odbx_bind() to the supplied connection  object.  This  is
       useful for switching to a different database or binding to the database
       with different credentials. It is also possible to set  new  connection
       related  options  before  rebinding  to the database server. If an open
       transaction exists while this function  is  executed  in  the  firebird
       backend,  it will be committed to the database and closed. The behavior
       of the other backends for open transactions may vary.

       It's necessary to process all result  sets  returned  by  the  database
       server  before using this function. Otherwise, it might return an error
       depending on the native database client library and the backend module.
       This  function  must  be  invoked before calling odbx_finish() to avoid
       memory leaks and  connections  left  open  which  may  block  necessary
       resources later on.

       The  handle  parameter  has  to  be  the  connection object created and
       returned by odbx_init(). It becomes invalid after it  was  supplied  to
       odbx_finish() and odbx_unbind() will return an error in this case.


       odbx_unbind() returns ODBX_ERR_SUCCESS, or an error code whose value is
       less  than  zero  if  one  of  the  operations  couldn't  be  completed
       successfully.  Possible error codes are listed in the error section and
       they can be feed to odbx_error() and odbx_error_type() to  get  further


              handle is NULL or the supplied connection object is invalid


       odbx_bind(), odbx_error(), odbx_finish()

                                 14 June 2014                   odbx_unbind(3)

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