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       lexnames - List of WordNet lexicographer file names and numbers


       During  WordNet  development  synsets  are  organized  into  forty-five
       lexicographer files based on syntactic category and logical  groupings.
       grind(1WN)  processes  these files and produces a database suitable for
       use with the WordNet library, interface code, and  other  applications.
       The format of the lexicographer files is described in wninput(5WN).

       A file number corresponds to each lexicographer file.  File numbers are
       encoded in several parts of the WordNet system as an efficient  way  to
       indicate  a  lexicographer  file  name.   The  file  lexnames lists the
       mapping between file names and numbers, and can be used by programs  or
       end users to correlate the two.

   File Format
       Each  line  in  lexnames  contains  3  tab  separated  fields,  and  is
       terminated with a newline character.  The first field is the two  digit
       decimal  integer  file number.  (The first file in the list is numbered
       00.)  The second field is the name of the lexicographer  file  that  is
       represented  by  that  number,  and  the third field is an integer that
       indicates the syntactic category of the synsets contained in the  file.
       This is simply a shortcut for programs and scripts, since the syntactic
       category is also part of the lexicographer file's name.

   Syntactic Category
       The syntactic category field is encoded as follows:

              1    NOUN
              2    VERB
              3    ADJECTIVE
              4    ADVERB

   Lexicographer Files
       The names of the  lexicographer  files  and  their  corresponding  file
       numbers  are  listed  below  along with a brief description each file's

File Number Name Contents



       The lexicographer files  are  not  included  in  the  WordNet  database


       WNHOME              Base    directory    for   WordNet.    Default   is

       WNSEARCHDIR         Directory in which the WordNet  database  has  been
                           installed.  Default is WNHOME/dict.


                           Base    directory    for   WordNet.    Default   is
                           C:\Program Files\WordNet.0.


       lexnames            list of lexicographer file names and numbers


       grind(1WN), wnintro(5WN), wndb(5WN), wninput(5WN).

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