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       locale.alias - Locale name alias data base


       The  locale.alias  database  file  (/etc/locale.alias)  is  used by the
       locale command and the X Window System It  describes  aliases  for  the
       locales, with each line being of the form

       <alias> <localename>

       Where  <localename>  is  in the POSIX format: xx_YY.CHARSET.  The first
       two letters xx are the ISO-639 Language code,
        the next two YY are the ISO-3166 Country code, and the Charset is  one
       of  the   character  sets  (listed  in /usr/share/i18n/charsets ).  The
       aliases can be free text; they are normally the English language  name,
       or simpler versions of the POSIX locale name.

       Lines beginning with Hash ("#") are treated as comments and ignored.


       locale(1), localedef(1), locale-gen(8),  locale.gen(5)


       Alastair McKinstry <>

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