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       npmrc - The npm config files


       npm  gets  its  config  settings  from  the  command  line, environment
       variables, and npmrc files.

       The npm config command can be used to update and edit the  contents  of
       the user and global npmrc files.

       npm   help    For  a  list  of  available  configuration  options,  see


       The four relevant files are:

       ·   per-project config file (/path/to/my/project/.npmrc)

       ·   per-user config file (~/.npmrc)

       ·   global config file ($PREFIX/npmrc)

       ·   npm builtin config file (/path/to/npm/npmrc)

       All npm  config  files  are  an  ini-formatted  list  of  key  =  value
       parameters.    Environment    variables    can    be   replaced   using
       ${VARIABLE_NAME}. For example:

           prefix = ${HOME}/.npm-packages

       Each of these files is loaded,  and  config  options  are  resolved  in
       priority  order.  For  example,  a setting in the userconfig file would
       override the setting in the globalconfig file.

   Per-project config file
       When working locally in a project, a .npmrc file in  the  root  of  the
       project  (ie,  a  sibling  of  node_modules  and package.json) will set
       config values specific to this project.

       Note that this only applies to the root  of  the  project  that  you´re
       running  npm  in.  It  has no effect when your module is published. For
       example, you can´t publish a  module  that  forces  itself  to  install
       globally, or in a different location.

   Per-user config file
       $HOME/.npmrc  (or the userconfig param, if set in the environment or on
       the command line)

   Global config file
       $PREFIX/etc/npmrc (or the globalconfig param, if set above): This  file
       is  an  ini-file  formatted list of key = value parameters. Environment
       variables can be replaced as above.

   Built-in config file

       This is an unchangeable "builtin" configuration  file  that  npm  keeps
       consistent  across  updates.  Set  fields in here using the ./configure
       script  that  comes  with  npm.  This  is  primarily  for  distribution
       maintainers  to  override  default configs in a standard and consistent


       ·   npm help  folders

       ·   npm help config

       ·   npm help  config

       ·   npm help  package.json

       ·   npm help npm

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