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       Nikwi Deluxe - platform game where the goal is to collect candies


       nikwi [--fullscreen]


       You  play  as  a  9  year old boy in a game about his absolute dream: a
       world made of candies! Your role is to guide Nikwi through all  the  30
       levels,  eat  all  the candies in each level and avoid the monsters and
       the hazards that each level has. Nikwi has a talent on jumping  high  -
       although  his  falls are not as good as he would like - and this is his
       only armor against the monsters which try to  turn  his  dream  into  a

       Every  six levels, the theme changes and the gameplay is altered a bit.
       Every two levels or so, new monsters appear -  monsters  which  require
       different approaches to be taken in order to avoid them.


       The game contains two main screens, the menu and the game:

   The menu
       The  menu  is  the  screen  in which you enter when the game starts. It
       contains three options: New Game, Credits and Quit.  You  can  use  the
       arrows  keys  up  and down to select a menu option (two bobbing candies
       appear at the left and at the right of the  selected  option)  and  the
       Enter key to activate the selected option. The options act as follows:

         New  game - This option begins a new game. If you already have a game
       in the process and you went to  the  menu  by  pressing  ESC  (see  the
       Controls  part  of  this manual below), the current game is ended and a
       new game begins from the first level.
         Credits - It  shows  a  screen  with  information  about  the  game's
         Quit  -  It  immediatelly  quits the game. The shareware version will
       show some teaser  screenshots of the full version before quitting.

   The game
       This is where all the fun takes place. In the game screen you see  your
       character,  Nikwi,  the  monsters,  the  hazards,  the  candies and the
       setting itself. For information about controlling Nikwi, see below.

       Some screens -like the Credits screen- wait from the user  to  press  a
       key  in  order  to  dissappear  and others -like the logo screen at the
       beginning on the game- to wait for a few seconds.

       You control Nikwi using the keyboard. The keys  are  presented  in  the
       table below:

         Arrow  left/right  -  Make  Nikwi  walk  to  the  left  or  the right
       direction. If Nikwi is in the air, he turn to that direction.

         Arrow up - Make Nikwi jump. Nikwi needs to be on ground in  order  to
       jump, but he can also air-jump: if he leaves the ground without jumping
       (by falling), he can jump in the middle air. Mastering air jumping will
       help the player to complete the game faster.

         F6  -  Restart  level.  If  you get stuck in a level or you think you
       can't go back, use F6 to restart the level. There are  unlimited  times
       you can play a level, so don't feel bad if you restart a level.

         F10  -  Quick  quit. If, for any reason, you want to exit the game as
       quickly as possible, press F10 and your wish will become true: the game
       will  exit  instantly,  like  if  nothing  has  happened. Note that the
       shareware version will pop a message reminding you to obtain  the  full

         ESC - Pauses the game and goes back to the menu.


       These command line options are available:

              You  can  use  fullscreen  mode  by  running  the game as "nikwi


       Nikwi requires at least a Pentium 3 or later CPU to work (it  may  work
       with  older  CPUs,  but  the  use  of  older CPUs than Pentium 3 is not
       recommended and definitelly not supported) running at least at  600MHz.
       It  also  requires a graphics card that can support 640x480 with 16bits
       of color (most cards that are available  for  Pentium  3  support  this
       mode). Lastly, it requires at least 32MB of system RAM memory.

       For  smooth  gameplay,  a  CPU running at 2GHz and a video card with 2D
       acceleration and 16MB of video ram is recommended.  In  order  to  take
       advantage of the 2D acceleration, Nikwi must be run in fullscreen mode.

       Nikwi  requires  Windows 2000, Windows XP or newer or Linux with kernel
       2.6 or newer. It may work on other operating  systems,  but  we  cannot
       provide support for them.

       For  Linux  users:  Nikwi  requires the latest version of SDL (has been
       tested and compiled with SDL 1.2.9). Most Linux  distributions  include
       SDL,  but  if  yours  doesn't  -or if the version included is very old-
       visit to obtain it.

       Note: the game may or may not run in  order  and  weaker  systems  than
       those  mentioned  above.  In  any  case,  the  use  in  such systems is
       discouraged and not supported.


       Nikwi   was   written   by   Kostas    "Bad    Sector"    Michalopoulos

       This   manual   page   was   written   for   Debian   by   Miriam  Ruiz


       Nikwi Deluxe Manual ⟨file:///usr/share/doc/nikwi/manual/index.php⟩

       Nikwi Deluxe Homepage ⟨

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