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       nsnake - Classic snake game on the terminal


       nsnake [-h] [-v]


       nsnake  is the classic snake game with textual interface.  You can play
       it at command-line and uses the  nCurses  library  for  graphics.   The
       rules are the same of any snake game:

       You  control  a hungry snake and the objective is to eat as many fruits
       you can.  Each fruit eaten increases your size.  The game ends when the
       snake collides with the walls or itself.

       The  challenge  is to earn the biggest score possible by eating as many
       fruits as you can.

       Controls and game settings can be changed through the in-game menus  or
       by directly editing the settings file.

       Default controls:
              Arrow Keys          Moves the snake

              q                   Quits the game at any time

              p                   Pauses/Unpauses the game

              h                   Show help during the game


       -h, --help
              Displays the quick help text.

       -v, --version
              Displays the version and general information.


       $(HOME)/.local/share/nsnake/      Per-user  content;  game settings and


       snake4(6)   ktron(6)   yetris(6)


       Probably. If you find any,  please  report  it  at  the  issue  tracker
       (    or    email    me    at


       This manual page and nsnake  were  both  written  by  Alexandre  Dantas




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