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       penguin-command - a missile command clone


       penguin-command    [--fullscreen|-f]   [--windowed|-w]   [--nosound|-s]


       This is a clone of the classic  "Missile  Command"  Game,  but  it  has
       better  graphics  and  music.  You have to defend cities by shooting at
       missiles and smartbombs.


       --fullscreen, -f
              Run in fullscreen mode (default).

       --windowed, -w
              Run in windowed mode.

       --nosound, -s
              Run without sound.

       --lefthandedmouse, -l
              Swaps left and right mouse buttons.

       --help, -h
              Display help.


       This manual page was written by Karl Bartel <>.

                               November 10, 2002            PENGUIN-COMMAND(6)

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