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       pentobi - computer opponent for the board game Blokus


       pentobi [options] [file]


       pentobi  is  the  command  to  invoke  the  program Pentobi, which is a
       graphical user interface and computer opponent to play the  board  game

       The  command  can take the name of a game file to open at startup as an
       optional argument.  The game file is expected to be  in  Pentobi's  SGF
       format  as  documented  in  doc/blksgf/Pentobi-SGF.php  in the Pentobi
       source package.


              The amount of memory in bytes to be used by the search.  If this
              option  is not used, it depends on the amount of physical memory
              available on the system how much memory  Pentobi  will  allocate
              (currently  up  to  1  GB).  If the memory for the search is too
              low, the playing strength  at  higher  playing  levels  will  be
              impaired.   This  can  be checked by running Pentobi with option
              --verbose in a game variant with a high  number  of  Monte-Carlo
              simulations per second (e.g. Duo).  If a message that the search
              tree was pruned occurs more than  a  few  times  during  a  move
              generation, the playing strength is likely to be affected.

              The  number of threads to use in the search. By default, up to 4
              threads are used in  the  search  depending  on  the  number  of
              hardware  threads  supported  by the current system.  Using more
              threads will speed up the move generation but using a very  high
              number  of  threads  (e.g.  more than 8) can degrade the playing
              strength in higher playing levels.

              Print internal information about the move generation  and  other
              debugging information to standard error.




       Markus Enzenberger <>

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