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       performous - The free music and rhythm game


       Performous  is  a  free  cross-platform karaoke, band and dancing game,
       where one or more players perform a song  and  the  game  scores  their
       performances based on timing and accuracy.

       Performous  supports  songs  in  UltraStar, Frets on Fire and StepMania
       formats.  Also, microphones and instruments from SingStar, Guitar  Hero
       and Rock Band as well as some dance pads are autodetected.

       If  you  have  trouble  with  the  program  (no  songs found, audio not
       working, etc),  try  running  it  on  a  terminal.  Some  useful  debug
       information is printed there.

   Generic options:
       -h [ --help ]
              you are viewing it

       -l [ --log ] arg
              subsystem name or minimum level to log

       -v [ --version ]
              display version number

       --songlist arg
              save a list of songs in the specified folder

   Configuration options:
       --audio arg
              specify an audio device to use

              print audio related information

              utility to get joystick button mappings

              any arguments without a switch are interpreted as song folders.


       In-game navigation uses the following keys:

   Global shortcuts:
              Change selected option/song

       Enter  Enter selection

       Esc    Exit the current screen/mode

              Switch between full screen and windowed modes

       Pause or Ctrl+P
              Pause audio/game

              Change audio volume

   Song selection:
              Switch the sort order (song name, artist, edition, genre or song
              folder path)

       Any text
              Search for songs (write the text to find, uses regexp format)

       Tab    Randomize songs (sort them again)

       Ctrl+R Refresh song list (reload from disk)

       F4     Enter jukebox mode (play  songs  entirely,  hide  song  browser,
              allow seeking with Up/Down)

   Singing screen:
              Fast forward or rewind the song

       Enter  Skip  long  instrumental breaks, or get the grading instantly at
              the end of song.

       Ctrl+S Toggle synth mode (synthesized tone for notes)

              Adjust audio/video sync. Use if the notes pass the black line at
              incorrect time.

              Adjust  audio  roundtrip latency. Use if the pitch wave does not
              match the notes, when you match your timing to what you hear.

              The total of USB controller latency combined with  audio  output
              latency.  Adjust so that you can hit the notes best when playing
              by ear (not looking on screen).

       Ctrl+K Toggle karaoke mode (hide notes and scores)

       Ctrl+W Toggle pitch wave rendering (only when karaoke mode is disabled)

       Ctrl+R Hot reload song from disk (useful for making or repairing songs)


       Performous  normally  autodetects  microphones  and  playback   devices
       correctly,  but  if  this  fails  on  your  machine,  you  will need to
       configure them in the Audio Devices -screen. Advanced configuration  is
       possible   through  the  command  line,  just  remember  to  enter  the
       configuration menu and press Ctrl+S to save them to your config file so
       that they don't need to be specified every time the program starts.

       The  list of available PortAudio devices is printed to the console, but
       it can also be seen from the GUI.


       You  can   find   more   information   at   or                                           or

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