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       phlipple  -  puzzle game where you have to reduce 3D shapes to a single


       Phlipple is a unique puzzle game. The goal of every level is to  reduce
       a  3D  shape  to  a  single  square.  Elimination of squares is done by
       flipping edges around just like in a cardboard box.

       It starts off relatively easy to teach the  basics  just  to  later  on
       serve  hours of brain tickling fun. It's a great way to train memory as
       well as orientation in 3D.

       According to the author, Phlipple is a game that came up in a dream. He
       woke  up  seeing  what you will see in level 2, and knew that he had to
       code it.


       You   can   find   more   about   the    game    on    its    homepage:


       The     game     has     been     written     by     Remigiusz    Dybka
       <>. This manual page  was  written  by  Miriam
       Ruiz <> for the Debian project.


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