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       pinion - draws a scrolling sequence of interconnected gears


       pinion  [-display  host:display.screen]  [-window]  [-root]  [-install]
       [-visual visual] [-delay usecs] [-scroll ratio]  [-spin  ratio]  [-size
       ratio] [-max-rpm int] [-wireframe] [-fps]


       The  pinion  program draws an interconnected set of gears moving across
       the screen.


       pinion accepts the following options:

       -window Draw on a newly-created window.  This is the default.

       -root   Draw on the root window.

               Install a private colormap for the window.

       -visual visual
               Specify which visual to use.  Legal values are the  name  of  a
               visual  class,  or the id number (decimal or hex) of a specific

       -delay usecs
               The delay between frames of  the  animation,  in  microseconds:
               default 15000.

       -spin ratio
               How  fast  the gears should spin; default 1.0.  2.0 means twice
               as fast, 0.5 means half as fast.

       -scroll ratio
               How fast the gears should scroll past the screen; default  1.0.
               2.0 means twice as fast, 0.5 means half as fast.

       -size ratio
               How  big  the  gears  should  be, on average; default 1.0.  2.0
               means twice as large, 0.5 means half as large.

       -max-rpm integer
               If any gear exceeds the maximum RPM, the current gear train  is
               broken there, and we start a new train.  Default: 900 RPM.  (At
               30 FPS, that's about half a rotation per frame.)

               Render in wireframe instead of solid.

       -fps    Display the current frame rate, CPU load, and polygon count.


       DISPLAY to get the default host and display number.

               to get the name of a resource file that  overrides  the  global
               resources stored in the RESOURCE_MANAGER property.


       gears(6x), xscreensaver(1), X(1)


       Copyright  ©  2004 by Jamie Zawinski.  Permission to use, copy, modify,
       distribute, and sell  this  software  and  its  documentation  for  any
       purpose  is  hereby  granted  without  fee,  provided  that  the  above
       copyright notice appear in all copies  and  that  both  that  copyright
       notice  and  this permission notice appear in supporting documentation.
       No representations are made about the suitability of this software  for
       any  purpose.   It  is  provided  "as  is"  without  express or implied


       Jamie Zawinski <>, 12-Dec-2004.

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