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       pioneersai - Computer player for Pioneers


       pioneersai [ -s server ] [ -p port ] -n name
            [ -a algorithm ] [ -t milliseconds ] [ -c ]


       This manual page documents briefly the pioneersai command.

       Pioneers  is an emulation of the Settlers of Catan board game which can
       be played over the internet. This is a computer  player  implementation
       that can take part in Pioneers games.


       -s,--server server
                   Connect to a pioneers game running on server.

       -p,--port port
                   Connect to a pioneers game running on port.

       -n,--name name
                   Specify name of the computer player.

       -a,--algorithm algorithm
                   Specify   algorithm  of  the  computer  player.   The  only
                   algorithm for an active partipant in a  game  is  "greedy".
                   Other allowed values are: lobbybot, logbot.

       -t,--time milliseconds
                   Time  to  wait  between  turns, in milliseconds. Default is

                   Do not chat with other players.

       --debug     Enable debug messages.

       --version   Show version information.


       This manual page was written by Jeff Breidenbach <>,  and
       updated by Roland Clobus <>.  Pioneers was written by
       Dave Cole <>, Andy Heroff  <>,  and
       Roman  Hodek  <>,  with  contributions  from  many other
       developers on the Internet;  see  the  AUTHORS  file  in  the  pioneers
       distribution for a complete list of contributing authors.


       pioneers(6), pioneers-server-gtk(6), pioneers-server-console(6)

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