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       tinymux - The TinyMUX mush server


       This  manual  page  documents  briefly the tinymux mush server.  It was
       written for the Debian distribution because the original  program  does
       not have a manual page.

       This  is  the  TinyMUX  flavor  of  mud  servers of the MUSH branch. It
       provides a number of robust features to enable players  to  extend  the
       virtual  world.  This  is  done  by building new rooms and objects, and
       utilizing its internal programming language, MUSHcode.

       TinyMUX doesn't provide the superset of  features  available  in  other
       MUSH  flavors,  but those it does implement provide a stable and robust
       environment that performs as well as or better than that of its peers.


       TinyMUX 2.3 is derived from TinyMUX 1.6. It is  maintained  by  Stephen
       Dennis  (Brazil@BrazilMUX)  and  would  not  exist without the generous
       contributions of many individuals.  Ideas  for  features,  occasionally
       code,  documentation,  project  support,  bug  hunting,  came from many
       places, including TinyMUSH, ChaoticMUX, RhostMUSH, and PennMUSH.

       We would like to thank the following people:

       - Barbarella@Pacifica for making it fun, for proving to me that  MU'ing
              is  a  Good  Thing  (tm), for pulling me into hosting and server
              work. Without the choices she made, MUX  2.0  would  never  have

       - David Passmore for his long time care and maintenance of TinyMUX.

       - Andrew Molitor, for the radix compression library, and some wonderful

       - Soruk from AuroraMUSH for his long time contributions  toward  making
              and  keeping  TinyMUX  Linux  compatible,  as well as the sample
              config file found in CONFIGURATION.

       - T. Alexander Popiel for help with conceptual issues  in  general  and
              specifically with the parser.

       -  Steven  Legowik ( for Makefile, cross-platform work,
              and modifications to Backup.

       - Virginia Legowik (Audumla) and Lilith@Sandbox  for  committed  readme
              and helpfile work. For infrastructure support with web sites and
              mailing lists.  For making a team.

       - Ashen-Shugar and RhostMUSH for their bug reports and support.

       - Robby Griffyn and ChaoticMUX for bug reports.

       - Lew Newby (Dragon) for his stress-testing, cross-platform builds, and
              bug reports.

       -  MacGuvyer  @  Pacifica  for a Unix patch for WoD-realms which led to
              porting all of MUX 2.0 back to Unix.

       - Nick Gammon for the initial prototype of NT IO Completion ports.

       - Judge Dredd@Pacifica for specification of WOD_REALMS.

       - The large body of people who reported bugs or made useful suggestions
              along the way:
              Aranor,     Asia,     Audumla,     Barbarella@Pacifica,     BEM,
              Carmilla@Pacifica,   Chimera@Umbral    Shards,    Corum,    Dark
              City@Pacifica,    D'ceit@Santo    Domini,   Dreamscape@Pacifica,
              Dune@Pacifica, Emma@Pacifica, Evan@Pacifica,  Farscape@Pacifica,
              Father  Jethis@Pacifica,  Geoffrey Gerrietts, Godzilla@Pacifica,
              Hackers@Pacifica,       Highlander@Pacifica,        Hitchhiker's
              Guide@Pacifica,  Ian@everywhere,  Idoru@Pacifica,  Incubus@Santo
              Domini, Jake,  Jarod@Pacifica,  Johnny  Mnemonic@Pacfica,  Judge
              Dredd@Pacifica,    Lucifer,   Lydia   Leong,   Macross@Pacifica,
              McGuyver@Pacifica,  Meglos@Myrka,  Mephistopheles@Santo  Domini,
              Michael@Pacifica,    Morgan,    Myrddin,   Neuromancer@Pacifica,
              Orpheus@Pacifica,    Rimnal@Myrka,     Robert     G.     Fisher,
              Robin@Pacifica,  Sailor  Moon@Pacifica, Seraphim@Tokyo By Night,
              Sesha@Granite,   Six@Pacifica,   Sixth   Sense@Pacifica,    Snow
              Crash@Pacifica,     Soylent     Green@Pacifica,    Squeeky-Bobo,
              Trek@Pacifica,   Twelve   Monkeys@Pacifica,    Valkryn@Pacifica,
              Vass@Pacifica, Vurt@Pacifica, Xandar.

       -  Many  other  people  who  may  go  unnamed.  Dozens  of  people have
              contributed to development of the TinyMUX family of servers, and
              we would like to thank them for their hard work.


       tinymux was written by Stephen Dennis (Brazil)

       This  manual page was written by Ervin Hearn III <>,
       for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).


       tinymux-install(1) The primary TinyMUX server webpage. Amberyl's  MUSH  Manual,  outdated  but
              still useful.

                               October 25, 2004                     TINYMUX(6)

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