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       CREATE_BARRIER - create a new barrier


       CREATE BARRIER barrier_name


           The following description applies only to Postgres-XC

       CREATE BARRIER is new SQL query specific to Postgres-XC since 0.9.5
       that creates a new XLOG record on each node of the cluster
       consistently. Barrier is created via a 2PC like mechanism from a remote
       Coordinator in 3 phases with a prepare, execute and ending phases. A
       new recovery parameter called recovery_target_barrier has been added in
       recovery.conf. In order to perform a complete PITR recovery, it is
       necessary to set recovery_target_barrier to the value of a barrier
       already created. Then distribute recovery.conf to each data folder of
       each node, and then to restart the nodes one by one.

       Default barrier name is dummy_barrier_id. It is used when no barrier
       name is specified when using CREATE BARRIER.

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