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       pam_krb5_migrate - Kerberos 5 Migration PAM module


       auth            optional


       pam_krb5_migrate  is  a  stackable  authentication  module that takes a
       username and password from an earlier module in the stack, and attempts
       to  transparently  add  them  to  a Kerberos realm using the Kerberos 5
       kadmin service.

       The module can be used to ease the administrative burdens of  migrating
       a  large installed userbase from pre-existing authentication methods to
       a Kerberos-based setup.


       The following options may be passed to the authentication module:

       debug          syslog(3) debugging information at LOG_DEBUG level.

       keytab=<file>  use alternate  keytab  for  authentication  (default  is

       min_uid=<uid>  don't   add   principals  for  uids  lower  than  <uid>.
                      (default is 100)

                      use  the  key  for  <name>  instead   of   the   default
                      pam_migrate/<hostname> key

       realm=<REALM>  update  the  database for a realm other than the default


       pam_krb5_migrate was written by Steve Langasek <>.
       This manpage was assembled by Jelmer Vernooij <>.


       kadmin(1), pam_krb5(5), pam(3), libpam(4).

                               13 November 2006            pam_krb5_migrate(7)

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