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       cf-know - cfengine's knowledge agent


        cf-know [options]


       The  knowledge  management agent is capable of building and analysing a
       semantic knowledge network. It can configure a relational  database  to
       contain  an  ISO standard topic map and permit regular-expression based
       searching of the map. Analysis of the semantic network can be performed
       providing  graphical  output  of the data, and cf-know can assemble and
       converge the reference manual for the current version of  the  Cfengine
       software.    cfengine   is  a  self-healing  configuration  and  change
       management based system. You can think of cfengine as a very high level
       language,  much  higher  level than Perl or shell. Asingle statement is
       called a promise,  and  compliance  can  result  in  many  hundreds  of
       filesbeing  created,  or the permissions of many hundreds offiles being
       set. The idea  of  cfengine  is  to  create  a  one  or  more  sets  of
       configuration  files which willclassify and describe the setup of every
       host in a network.


       --help, -h
              Print the help message

       --build, -b
              Build and store topic map in the CFDB

       --debug, -d
              Set debugging level 0,1,2,3

       --verbose, -v
              Output verbose information about the behaviour of the agent

       --version, -V
              Output the version of the software

       --file, -f
              Specify an alternative input file than the default

       --manual, -m
              Generate reference manual from internal data

       --manpage, -M
              Generate reference manpage from internal data

       --stories, -z
              Look up stories for a given topic on the command line

       --syntax, -S
              Print a syntax summary of the optional keyword or this  cfengine

       --topics, -T
              Show all topic names in CFEngine

       --test, -t
              Generate test data

       --removetest, -r
              Remove test data

       --updatetest, -u
              Update test data


       Mark Burgess and CFEngine AS


       Bug    reports:,    .PP    Community   help:

       Community info:

       Support services:

       This software is Copyright (C) 2008-2013 CFEngine AS.

                             Maintenance Commands                   cf-know(8)

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