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       fence_ack_manual - a program to override fenced fencing operations


       fence_ack_manual [OPTIONS] nodename


       When  fenced(8)  fails  to  fence  a  node,  it  retries  indefinately.
       fence_ack_manual(8) tells fenced to stop retrying and consider the node

       It is important that this only be done after the node has been manually
       turned off or prevented from writing to shared storage.   Without  this
       manual  action  and verification, the storage that fencing protects may
       become corrupted.

       When fenced fences a node that has no  fence  devices  defined  in  the
       cluster  configuration, the fencing operation fails.  This failure will
       be repeated indefinately until fence_ack_manual is run by  an  operator
       to  indicate  the  node  is  in  a safe state to proceed.  (Defining no
       fencing devices for node is the equivalent of  using  the  fence_manual
       agent in previous versions.)


       -h     Print a help message describing available options, then exit.



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