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       find_member - Find all Mailman mailing lists that a member's address is


       find_member [options] regex [regex [...]]


       -l listname, --listname=listname
              Include only the named list in the search.

       -x listname, --exclude=listname
              Exclude the named list from the search.

       -w, --owners
              Search list owners as well as members.

       -o file, --output=file
              Append the alias setting recommendations to file, in addition to
              printing them to standard output.

       -h, --help
              Print a small help text and exit

       regex  A Python regular expression to match against.


       The  interaction  between -l and -x is as follows.  If any -l option is
       given then only the named list will be included in the search.  If  any
       -x  option  is  given but no -l option is given, then all lists will be
       search except those specifically excluded.

       Regular expression syntax is Perl5-like, using the  Python  re  module.
       Complete specifications are at:

       Address  matches are case-insensitive, but case-preserved addresses are


       Author of Mailman is the Mailman Cabal,  see  for
       information.   This   manpage   is   written   by   Tollef   Fog   Heen
       <> for Debian but may be used by others.


       Mailman    documentation     on     and     in

                                  2001-03-10                    FIND_MEMBER(8)

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