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       nattribute - sets/gets attributes of network contexts


              nattribute   {--set|--get}  [--nid  <nid>]  [--ncap  [~!]<ncap>]
              [--flag [~!]<flag>] [--secure] -- [<program> <args>*]

       --ncap <cap>
              ...  network capability to be added

       --flag <flag>
              ...  network flag to be added

       Please report bugs to

       This program is part of util-vserver


       Copyright © 2004 Enrico Scholz
       Copyright © 2006 Daniel Hokka Zakrisson This program is free  software;
       you  may  redistribute  it  under  the  terms of the GNU General Public
       License.  This program has absolutely no warranty.

nattribute  -- sets/gets attributesMay 2013ork contexts          NATTRIBUTE(8)

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