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NAME - Proxy server for the Asterisk Flash Operator Panel

SYNOPSIS [options]

          -?, --help
          -p, --pidfile
          -c, --confdir
          -l, --logdir
          -d, --daemon
          -v, --version
          -X, --debuglevel


       --help  Print a brief help message and exits

               Specify the pid file to use when running in daemon mode.
               Defaults to /var/run/

               Specify where to look for the configuration files. If omited,
               it will look for them in the same directory where

               If specified, will write the log files to that directory. If
               not, it will output to STDOUT and STDERR

               Run the server in daemon mode, detaching itself from the

               Display the version and exits

               Sets the debug level for the logs. It overrides the value
               inside op_server.cfg


       This program is a proxy server for the Flash Operator Panel. It reads
       configuration files and updates the data to display on the panel.


               The configuration files of the operator panel daemon reside in
               that directory (may differ on other distributions). Those

               The server's configuration file. See remarks in file for

               Defines the layout of the operator panel, and also which phones
               to track.

               The standard output of the daemon, including debugging prints
               and dumps.

               The standard error of the daemon. Should normally be empty.

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