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       opendkim-atpszone - DKIM ATPS zone file generation tool


       opendkim-atpszone  [-A]  [-C address] [-E secs] [-h hash] [-N ns[,...]]
       [-o file] [-r secs] [-R secs] [-S] [-t secs] [-T secs] [-u domain] [-v]


       opendkim-atpszone  generates  a  file suitable for use with named(8) to
       publish a set of domains authorized as third-party signers for a  local

       The  dataset parameter should specify a set of data as described in the
       opendkim(8) man page.  It can currently refer to flat files,  Sleepycat
       databases,  comma-separated  lists,  LDAP directories or SQL databases.
       The keys in the named database are assumed to comprise a set of domains
       that are to be advertised using the experimental Authorized Third-Party
       Signers protocol as permitted to sign mail using DKIM on behalf of  the
       local domain.  Values in the database are not used.


       -A     Adds a "._atps" suffix to records in the zone file.

       -C contact
              Uses  contact  as the contact information to be used when an SOA
              record is generated (see  -S  below).   If  not  specified,  the
              userid  of  the  executing  user  and the local hostname will be
              used; if the executing user can't  be  determined,  "hostmaster"
              will be used.

       -E secs
              When  generating  an  SOA record (see -S below), use secs as the
              default record expiration time.  The default is 604800.

       -h hash
              Specifies which SHA hash algorithm  to  use.   Must  be  one  of
              "none",  "sha1" and "sha256", with "sha256" being the default if
              it is available.

       -N nslist
              Specifies a comma-separated list of nameservers, which  will  be
              output  in  NS  records  before  the  TXT  records.   The  first
              nameserver in this list will also be used in the SOA record  (if
              -S is also specified) as the authority hostname.

       -o file
              Sends output to the named file rather than standard output.

       -r secs
              When  generating  an  SOA record (see -S below), use secs as the
              zone refresh time.  The default is 10800.

       -R secs
              When generating an SOA record (see -S below), use  secs  as  the
              zone retry time.  The default is 1800.

       -S     Asks for an SOA record to be generated at the top of the output.
              The content of this output can be controlled using the  -E,  -r,
              -R,  -T  options.   The serial number will be generated based on
              the current time of day.

       -t ttl Puts a TTL (time-to-live) value of ttl on  all  records  output.
              The units are in seconds.

       -T secs
              When  generating  an  SOA record (see -S below), use secs as the
              default record TTL time.  The default is 86400.

       -u domain
              Produce output suitable for use as input to nsupdate(8)  to  add
              ATPS records to the named domain.

       -v     Increases  the verbosity of debugging output written to standard


       This man page covers the version of opendkim-atpszone that shipped with
       version 2.9.2 of OpenDKIM.


       Copyright  (c)  2011,  2012,  The  Trusted  Domain Project.  All rights


       nsupdate(8), opendkim(8), opendkim.conf(5)

                          The Trusted Domain Project      opendkim-atpszone(8)

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