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       opendmarc-params - OpenDMARC reporting parameters setup tool


       opendmarc-params [options] domain


       opendmarc-params  records  a  specific  reporting address for aggregate
       reports about the  named  domain  and  flags  it  as  "locked"  in  the
       reporting requests database.  This is done to allow an administrator to
       force generation of reports and have them sent to  a  specific  address
       regardless  of  what  data may (or may not) be found in the DNS for the
       named domain.


              Attempts to connect to the database server on  the  named  host.
              The default is "localhost".

              Requests  a connection to the database called name.  The default
              is "opendmarc".

              Attempts to  authenticate  to  the  database  server  using  the
              specified password.  The default is "opendmarc".

              Tries to connect to the database at the specified TCP port.  The
              default is 3306.

              Attempts to authenticate to the database server as the specified
              user.  The default is "opendmarc".

       --help Prints a usage message and exits.

              Sets  the  reporting  URI  for the named domain to the specified

              Unlocks the record for the named domain.

              Requests verbose output.

              Prints version number and exits.


       This man page covers the version of opendmarc-params that shipped  with
       version 1.3.0 of OpenDMARC.


       Copyright (c) 2012, The Trusted Domain Project.  All rights reserved.


       opendmarc(8), opendmarc-import(8), opendmarc-reports(8)

                          The Trusted Domain Project       opendmarc-params(8)

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