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       ovdb_stat - Display information from the ovdb database


       ovdb_stat -Hgci [-r artnumrange] newsgroup [newsgroup ...]

       ovdb_stat -Hklmtv [-d database]


       ovdb_stat displays information from the ovdb database:  Berkeley DB
       statistics, newsgroup data, and overview records; and optionally
       outputs in HTML format.


       -g  Newsgroup himark, lowmark, article count, and flag for the given
           newsgroups (as stored in the ovdb "groupinfo" database) are

       -c  Similar to -g, except the himark, lowmark, and count are calculated
           by actually scanning the overview records and counting them.  This
           can be a lengthy operation on groups with lots of articles.

       -i  Internal data regarding the given newsgroups are displayed.

       -r artnumrange
           Overview records are retrieved.  The artnumrange parameter may be a
           single article number, or a range of articles in the format

       -H  Output is presented in HTML format.

       -k  Displays lock region statistics, as returned by the Berkeley DB
           lock_stat() call.

       -l  Displays log region statistics, as returned by the Berkeley DB
           log_stat() call.

       -m  Displays global memory pool statistics, as returned by the
           Berkeley DB memp_stat() call.

       -M  Same as -m, and also displays memory pool statistics for each
           database file.

       -t  Displays log region statistics, as returned by the Berkeley DB
           txn_stat() call.

       -v  Displays ovdb version, and Berkeley DB version.

       -d database
           Displays information about the given database, as returned by the
           Berkeley DB db->stat() call.  This operation may take a long time
           on busy systems (several minutes or more).


       ovdb_stat may be safely killed with the INT, TERM, or HUP signals.  It
       catches those signals and exits cleanly.  Do not kill ovdb_stat with
       other signals, unless absolutely necessary, because it may leave stale
       locks in the DB environment.


       Written by Heath Kehoe <> for InterNetNews.

       $Id: ovdb_stat.pod 7851 2008-05-26 19:33:08Z iulius $



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