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       ovs-bugtool - Open vSwitch bug reporting utility




       Generate  a  debug bundle with useful information about Open vSwitch on
       this system and places it in /var/log/ovs-bugtool.


       --all  Use all available capabilities.

              List ovs-bugtool capabilities.

              Print verbose debugging output.

              Use the capabilities specified in a comma-separated list.

              Include the logs with last modification  time  in  the  previous
              days  days in the debug bundle. The number of log files included
              has a big impact on the eventual bundle size. The default  value
              is 20 days.

              Generate  a  debug bundle with the specified file type.  Options
              include tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, and zip.

       --ovs  Use only Open vSwitch relevant capabilities.

              Suppress output.

              Do not exclude files which are too  large.  Also  skip  checking
              free  disk  space.  By default up to 90 percent of the free disk
              space can be used.

              Answer yes to all prompts.


       ovs-bugtool  makes  many  assumptions  about  file  locations  and  the
       availability of system utilities.  It has been tested on Debian and Red
       Hat and derived distributions.  On other distributions it is likely  to
       be less useful.

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