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       ovs-parse-backtrace - parses ovs-appctl backtrace output


       ovs-appctl backtrace | ovs-parse-backtrace [binary]

       ovs-parse-backtrace [binary] < backtrace


       In  some configurations, many Open vSwitch daemons can produce a series
       of backtraces  using  the  ovs-appctl  backtrace  command.   Users  can
       analyze  these  backtraces  to  figure  out what the given Open vSwitch
       daemon may be spending most of  its  time  doing.   ovs-parse-backtrace
       makes this output easier to interpret.

       The  ovs-appctl  backtrace  output  must be supplied on standard input.
       The binary that produced the output should be supplied as the sole non-
       option  argument.   For  best  results,  the  binary  should have debug


       --help Prints a usage message and exits.

       --version Prints the version and exits.

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