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     prayer-accountd — Prayer system account helper daemon


     prayer-accountd [--config-file file] [[--config-option name=value] ...]
                     [--enable-fork | --disable-fork]


     prayer-accountd is an auxilliary daemon that allows users to perform
     various tasks with respect to their UNIX system account:

     ·   Change passwords

     ·   Change their name

     ·   Check filesystem quota

     Furthermore it can help users set up an (Exim-only) .forward file for
     Spam filtering, vacation auto-replies etc.

     prayer-accountd can be installed on a separate host from the main Prayer
     services if necessary.  It needs to be able to run passwd(1), chfn(1),
     and quota(1) for the user, and access users' home directories.

     prayer-accountd accepts the following command-line options:

     --config-file file
             Reads configuration from file instead of the default.

     --config-option name=value
             Sets (overrides) the configuration option name to value.  Any
             number of options can be specified in this manner.

             Fork subprocesses as requests come in. This is the default.

             Don't fork; process one request in at the time (debug mode).


     /etc/prayer/           Default configuration file.


     prayer-accountd is rather customized to the needs of the University of
     Cambridge, though some patches have been applied to the Debian package.
     System administrators should study the source code to see what this


     This introductory manual page was put together for Debian by Magnus
     Holmgren <>.

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